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Muscle Lab Recovery Cream for Muscle & Joint: Cooling Formula


Recover at home with Muscle Lab's recovery cream to sooth pain and aches in your muscles and joints. 

Muscle Lab's powerful cooling formula provides immediate relief to common pains. this CBD cream contains potent anti-inflammatory botanical extracts like white willow bark, menthol, and caffeine that are proven effective in the treatment of muscle aches and joint pain.

Is it Safe to use Muscle Lab Recovery Cream for Muscle & Joint Pain?

Muscle Lab's Recovery Cream is a perfect way to sooth your muscles and joints after a work out, or to help relieve pain from an injury. The patent pending cooling sensation formula provides instant relief when applied directly on effected areas.

Next time you are done with your workout use Muscle Lab's Recovery Cream and once the ingredients penetrate your skin and into your muscles, feel relieved that your pain will start to fade away.

Muscle Lab has strong standards and this cream is all-natural, GMO-free, vegan, and cruelty-free.

Directions: Apply cream to affected areas and rub in. Use as needed. Please make sure to wash hands with cool water after each use.

Used by Muscle Lab Therapists!

Muscle Lab Recovery Cream is used everyday by Muscle Lab Therapists in Los Angeles to treat clients during a massage, stretch, or scraping session. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Infrared Sauna Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions About Infrared Sauna Therapy

Heat therapy via saunas isn’t new; in fact, it’s been practiced for centuries. The Finnish are credited with starting the practice, as they dug pits in hillsides and heated them with fireplaces as a way to stay warm during the icy winters. They poured water on top of the hot stones, too, to generate steam and further increase the temperature within the pits, and according to legend, it got so warm that they actually had to undress. In addition to staying warm, the Finnish also noticed that they experienced a number of other benefits when they emerged from the hillside pits; pain relief, relaxation, and mood enhancement, for instance. 
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