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Massage Ball Ice Roller

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Massage Ball Ice Roller

Massage Ball Ice Roller

Benefits of Using a Cooling Massage Ball

There are many benefits when it comes to massage therapy and cold therapy, so naturally we wanted to combine them! This cooling massage ball helps target sore muscles, relieve pain and loosen tight muscles. Experience maximal muscle soreness relief by throwing your massage ball ice roller in the freezer before use!

The main benefits of utilizing a cooling massage ball is its ability to relieve tight hard to reach muscles. By combining the benefits of massage and cold therapy you'll be able to reduce inflammation while increasing blood circulation to your muscles. The ball portion of this product is retractable and can be used to roll back, glute and foot muscles. Target sciatica by sitting flat on the ball similarly to a foam roller and relieve tightness from inner muscles.

Product Features include:
  • Multiple use options with hand grips and without
  • 6 hours of cold therapy after freezing
  • 360 degree Free rolling options
  • Durable and mess free
  • Reusable and easy to clean

Are Massage Balls good for Plantar Fasciitis?

Absolutely! Often feet are pushed into uncomfortable positions through the day causing cramping and low mobility. Plantar Fasciitis is inflammation on the tendons and muscles located in the foot. The ice roller is a great source of relief as it massages the tissue while calming the inflammation. This muscle recovery option provides relief as you're able to self massage the area and release tension buildup.

Do Ice Rollers Help Your Face?

Ice Rollers stimulate your lymphatic and aerobic system, stimulate blood flow and reduce bruising by helping to rehydrate and smooth the face. Start your morning routine by reducing puffiness with your ice roller! The set up is an easy addition, throw the roller in the freezer overnight and wake up to it ready to use!

Anyone who experiences migraines would benefit from rolling the massage ball at the base of their neck or on their temples! This will de-stimulate the nerves from firing rapidly and sending pain receptors! Enjoy your days a little more by investing in home care methods.

Are Massage Balls Effective?

Like massage therapy, massage balls have proven to aid in the elimination of stiffness, improve circulation, reach deep tissue and relieve tension. This deep tissue cold massage is beneficial to anyone who experiences inflammation frequently or trains vigorously.

Add this into your recovery plan as a deep tissue release while you're at home or after the gym! Increased blood circulation and pain relief are necessary when it comes to improving athletic performance! Combat larger muscle groups or smaller muscle groups on your own or with the help of a friend.

Massages are proven to break down stiff and stubborn muscle tissue, this massage ball alleviates tension within any muscle group and also cools inflamed muscles that cause injuries such as tendonitis or plantar fasciitis.

Clients TRUST Muscle Lab.

The Muscle Lab Recovery Cream is exactly what I needed to destress after a long day. Smells and feels great!

When I can't make it in to Muscle Lab, their recovery products are my savior!

Gave me wife a deep tissue massage with the Muscle Lab Massage Oil and now she keeps asking for it everyday!