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Ice Compression Sleeve for Arms, Knees, & Legs

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Ice Compression Sleeve for Arms, Knees, & Legs

Ice Compression Sleeve

Benefits of Iced Compression Sleeves

Muscle Labs compression therapy utilizes cold therapy to combat any sore or achy joints! Whether you're an athlete who wants to elevate their recovery plan or someone recovering from an old injury, this sleeve is an optimal way to combat inflammation and reduce pain receptors.

Cold compression is widely used in the recovery industry as a way to naturally reduce blood flow by constricting and cooling blood vessels within a targeted area. Our goal is to offer you a way to effectively reduce inflammation and pain in your body while maintaining good mobility. Wrap this cryo sleeve on your upper arm, leg, knees and elbow to reduce swelling and recover quicker.

Sleeve Features

The Luxury of this sleeve is its easy use and key features:

  • High Durability: 100% leak proof
  • One hour of cold therapy
  • 360 Degree cold compression coverage
  • Adaptable for knee pain and elbow pain
  • Sting free
  • Natural anti-inflammatory and pain relief

Do You Put The Compression Sleeve In The Freezer?

YES! The ice compression sleeve is filled with a freezable gel substance that is contained in a leak proof lining. All you have to do to receive optimal benefits is throw it in the freezer for a little and enjoy!

You can use your sleeve for an hour of cold therapy, we recommend using it daily post training to expedite your recovery or as needed! Once you're done with a session you're able to wash your sleeve! With its easy to clean method, simply flip it inside out and wipe clean using a damp cloth then let air dry to use again.

How Do You Use Ice Compression Sleeves?

Ice compression was designed with easy use in mind. After freezing, this cold pack simply slides on the affected area and stays cold for up to an hour. It comes with adjustable straps making it flexible to movement and size. Once you've placed it, pull the straps to secure and tighten the sleeve before treatment.

Do Compression Wraps Help Healing?

The simple answer is yes! However, we want you to have an informed purchase so we'll break it down for you:

Cold therapy causes vasoconstriction within your blood vessels, meaning your blood flow will be constricted in order to reduce any inflammation you're experiencing. Any injury is a general cause for inflammation and we recommend using cold therapy to enhance your recovery. Utilizing this sleeve will also reduce any pain in any affected area. The healing benefits of cold therapy and compression therapy follow the R.I.C.E. method for healing.

Compression therapy allows direct contact and increases density of your tissues, the technology behind this sleeve is meant to allow a convenient way to treat your body well. Allowing your body to rest, ice, compress and elevate is the quickest solution to most injuries.

Why Do Pitchers Wear Arm Sleeves?

If you're a pitcher or know one, this is the gift for them! Pitchers often experience soreness after games and practice due to the overuse of the shoulder and elbow. Cold wrap therapy is a common solution to pain, instead of securing an ice pack to your body, simply slide your Muscle Lab ice compression on your arm after your games!

Who Else Would Benefit From An Iced Compression Sleeve?

Just about everyone! This ice treatment isn't selective and anyone can benefit from icing their joints. Protect your health by recovering properly.

If you experience any of the following we recommend this treatment:

  • Ligament tears such as ACL or MCL
  • Tennis or Golfers elbow
  • Sprains and strains
  • Tendonitis
  • Muscle overuse or pain
  • Calf pulls from exercise such as running marathons
  • Knee pain that's affecting mobility
  • Shin splints

Clients TRUST Muscle Lab.

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When I can't make it in to Muscle Lab, their recovery products are my savior!

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