Hypersphere Vibrating Massage Ball
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Hypersphere Vibrating Massage Ball

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Hypersphere Vibrating Massage Ball

Hypersphere Vibrating Massage Ball

What is a Hypersphere

Excelerate your recovery methods and detox your muscles by adding on the hypersphere vibrating massage ball to your routine. Similarly to massage therapy, you can utilize a vibrating massage ball to reduce tension buildup and relax sore muscles. This portable massage ball uses precision therapy to target hard to reach areas. 

The hypersphere massage ball has a harder outer shell to ensure longevity through use, as well as a lightweight body for convenience. This recovery tool has 3 vibrational speeds  allowing you to determine an intensity of your preference. After one single charge you'll be able to enjoy your hypersphere for up to 2 hours of massage therapy!

Main benefits to using a massage ball 

There are many benefits to using this massage ball throughout your recovery such as: 

  • Reducing Muscle Soreness:

Instead of suffering from sore muscles, utilize this massage ball to reduce lactic acid buildup after intense training as well as improving overall performance. 

  • Soothing tight Muscles: 

Soothing tight muscles can be tricky! Let this portable massager do the work for you by relaxing tension with one of the 3 vibrational speeds it comes with. Self massage will save you time and money when it comes to any last minute recovery needs! 

  • Enhancing Mobility:

Flexibility is crucial for most athletes as well as anyone who may suffer from low mobility in general. Low mobility may be due to lack of proper movement or overuse of certain muscle groups. Utilizing this massage ball with stretch therapies will have you feeling brand new! 

  • Stimulating blood circulation: 

Muscles love blood production! By using this recovery tool you'll be able to efficiently enhance circulation for your muscles to recover quicker! Blood circulation is crucial for most muscle recovery therapies to be effective! 

Why should athletes use Vibrating Massage Balls 

Massage balls for athletes are immensely popular due to their portability, lightweight size and intense vibrations. These massagers are able to reduce soreness and tightness after a long day's practice. Carry it in your gym bag and use it to stimulate your muscle fibers before training or to recover them after.  All areas are crucial in recovery and this massager helps to eliminate the sensation of sore muscles over time! 

Where can I use my Hypersphere vibrating Massage ball 

That's a luxury! You can use this massager on almost every muscle group. You're able to roll on it to relieve any shoulder or back pain as well as stand on it to reduce stiffness such as plantar fasciitis. 

To recover any low or upper back pain, simply place the ball on the floor and gently rock back and forth on it until tension feels reduced. 

Repeat this method for foot complications, place the vibrating ball beneath your foot, apply pressure and gently rock back and forth until tension is reduced.  

For Hip flexor pain you can either lay flat on it and balance your body to relieve stress or apply pressure to the area while sitting until pain dissipates. 

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