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Muscle Lab Pasadena


Experiencing overall wellness is a crucial part of attaining a healthy & balanced lifestyle.

Muscle Lab's Health & Wellness plans bring a new approach to wellness centers in Los Angeles with custom wellness plans to encourage better sleep, improve mobility, boost energy and stimulate the brain.



Improve your sleep cycle and get additional rest


Combat fatigue, vitamin deficiencies and recover sore muscles quicker.


A mental recharge alleviating symptoms of stress, anxiety & depression.


Increase mobility and range of motion to effortlessly move without pain.








B12 injection

Get a B12 injection administered by certified nurse to ensure effective brain power! B12 injections are also commonly known as Cobalamin, this essential vitamin is needed by our bodies to ensure optimal performance. However, we are unable to naturally produce this vitamin and must source it from oral intake or injection.

B12 has many health benefits and aids in preventing the loss of brain function. This essential vitamin is a main step in maintaining memory function as it prevents brain atrophy and the loss of neurons.


Glutathione Injection

The benefits of a glutathione injection include aiding sore muscles by tissue regeneration, building protein to support the body and supplying an immunity boost to your system. Anyone suffering from low immunity induced by sleep complications would greatly benefit from this booster. This injection is especially beneficial to those experiencing stress, its benefits counteract any stress we may absorb from the environment. A reduction in stress levels will then positively influence our bodies ability to rest at night.

Infrared sauna

Infrared Sauna Therapy is a well known and effective method of stimulating brain function. The infrared light used in Muscle Labs saunas aid in lowering cortisol levels within your body. Cortisol is a chemical produced under the effects of stress resulting in physical tension.


Cryotherapy at muscle lab is a known endurance boost and energizes your body post treatment! Cryotherapy is known for boosting energy levels in those who experience it due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Physiologically, this service stimulates regeneration of the neurons in the brain and triggers the release of happy hormones. Happy hormones or endorphins are your body's main source of mental stimulation and energy. A session of cryotherapy lasts about 3 minutes maximum due to the efficient healing benefits of liquid nitrogen.

Compression Therapy

Normatec Compression therapy is a therapeutic way to increase your body's natural energy source. Compression therapy promotes the circulation of oxygen rich blood from your body to the brain!

Compression therapy is an effective recovery method for anyone feeling stiff or sore after an intense workout. These compression sleeves aid in circulating your blood and releasing any lactic acid buildup in the muscles that may have you feeling fatigued. Soreness is a major factor in reducing energy levels for athletes! At Muscle Lab we have three attachments for our normatec compression sleeves which include leg compression, leg compression and arm compression.


Cupping therapy is an ancient holistic treatment to aid sore muscles and promote better circulation within the body. Suction cups are placed on the skin which pull blood to the surface of the muscles, this greatly improves circulation as new blood vessels are stimulated within the area.

Stretch Therapy

Stretch Therapy will aid in detoxing your body and improve your posture by activating stiff muscles. Stretch Therapy will aid any rounded shoulders by elongating the pectoralis, upper trapezius, and hamstring muscles! Muscular coordination is especially important when improving mobility, our goal is to have your muscles gain synchronization with one another.

Theragun Massage

This Theragun massage will change your life! A Theragun is a tool used to increase rapid muscle recovery and activation. This tool has various settings and attachments that can be used depending on how severe the tightness in your body is. The benefits of a theragun massage are almost endless, it aids in muscle recovery, reduces inflammation, enhances blood circulation throughout your body and is a great way to reduce tension for a mood boost.



Mental Wellness


Living a busy and productive life can often leave us feeling stressed out and tired. Stress is often associated with feelings of physical or emotional tension. This tension is built up over time and stored throughout our bodies, mainly within our muscle fibers. Anyone who is dealing with high stress levels is often left feeling physical pains and emotional exhaustion.

Some causes of stress are often surrounded by worklife. All work and no play leads to a stressful day; in order to alleviate your stress we recommend you enjoy some relaxation time for yourself. Common repercussions of built up stress include emotional, physical and cognitive symptoms.



If your stress becomes overwhelming you may be experiencing Anxiety as a result. Anxiety is a reaction caused by stress, it excessively stimulates your body that there may be a potential threat even if there isn't any immediate danger. Many people suffer from anxiety on a day to day basis and may need some outside intervention to cope with the symptoms.

We want to provide you with positive mental stimulation to combat the negative. If you suffer from anxiety you may experience symptoms such as tensed muscles, uneasy feelings, issues sleeping, heart palpitations or inability to concentrate.

health and wellness center in Los Angeles offering Infrared Sauna

Physical Wellness


Fatigue is a feeling we've all felt at one time or another. This feeling is classified as an overall lack of energy and tiredness. Fatigue greatly affects a person's ability to focus through the day, this feeling of physical withdrawal often leaves people with a lack of motivation to go about their daily routine.

Fatigue is often induced from various lifestyle factors such as physical exertion, lack of sleep and emotional stress. The feeling of fatigue is classified differently than the overall sensation of tiredness because it affects the mental capacity to complete tasks.

Sore muscles

Body aches and sore muscles often leave us feeling too tired to complete daily tasks. Athletes especially suffer from soreness and low energy due to the amount of energy they naturally expel while training. This reduction of energy in your muscles is in connection to the de-stimulation of your central nervous system to continue moving your muscles. In situations like this the goal is to replenish both your vitamin and energy levels. Sore muscles are common and compatible! lactic acid buildup in your exerted muscles and provides nutrients to stimulate cell growth!

Vitamin Deficiencies

Experiencing a vitamin deficiency greatly impacts your body both physically and mentally. A diet lacking proper nutrition can lead to a variety of complications for the body, these complications however, are a way to notify your body of such deficiencies. Recognizing that you're feeling unwell is the first step to figuring out what's wrong.

Sedentary life

A sedentary lifestyle is when someone has a higher level of inactivity through their days, this involves numerous hours of sitting, lying down and little to no exercise. There are consequences to a sedentary life that include cardiovascular complications, obesity, anxiety and muscle aches associated with reduced range of motion.

If you've ever spent long hours sitting at a desk for work you may often feel soreness or tightness in your muscles from the low activity levels. This tightening of your muscles causes shortening of the muscle fibers which aids in the creation of knots. When sitting for long hours your hip flexors and quads may lock and feel stuck in one position. This same reaction happens to all muscles that remain in one position, eventually leading to muscle weakening.