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Muscle Lab Pasadena


Muscle Lab cares about your mobility and improving your range of motion and that's why we've created Wellness Plans for anyone who needs a little additional help.  



Stretch Therapy is one of the most beneficial services on this wellness plan for anyone experiencing a reduced range of motion. Through this session you'll be paired up with one of our Muscle Lab Trainers who will assess your body's mobility through passive movements. They will guide you through stretches in order to alleviate any pain or discomfort you may be having.

This session will aid in detoxing your body and improve your posture by activating stiff muscles. Stretch Therapy will aid any rounded shoulders by elongating the pectoralis, upper trapezius, and hamstring muscles! Muscular coordination is especially important when improving mobility, our goal is to have your muscles gain synchronization with one another. By the end of your Stretch therapy session your symptoms of pain, swelling and muscle tension will begin to alleviate.


This Theragun massage will change your life! A Theragun is a tool used to increase rapid muscle recovery and activation. This tool has various settings and attachments that can be used depending on how severe the tightness in your body is. The benefits of a theragun massage are almost endless, it aids in muscle recovery, reduces inflammation, enhances blood circulation throughout your body and is a great way to reduce tension for a mood boost.

This deep tissue massage helps to release tension induced knotts in your muscles! Not only will it aid in relieving your sore muscles but it will increase any athletic performance. Athletes are often left sore and stiff after enduring intense workouts. This twister wellness plan is perfect for anyone needing a bigger stretch.


Cupping therapy at Muscle Lab is one of our most popular services. Cupping therapy is an effective way to loosen and renew stiff muscles. This therapy uses multiple suction cups that attach to the surface of the skin and pull blood to the surface of the muscles. By pulling the blood your body is able to expel toxins built up over time and improve blood flow in any stiff or immobile areas.

Give your body a little TLC by using cupping therapy! You'll be able to experience an alleviation in any inflammation or pain stored in your muscles. This increase in blood flow activates stiff muscles, improves your posture and most importantly relieves tension.

This Wellness plan gives you the opportunity to gain your mobility back and live a life of higher quality.







Mobility by definition is the ability to move freely and effortlessly without pain. One of the main aspects Muscle Lab focuses on is increasing mobility and range of motion for all people. By Accessing the benefits of mobility work your quality of life is surely to increase.

By focusing on improving mobility throughout various movement patterns athletes will experience improved performance and a reduced risk of injury. We often relate issues with mobility as movement dysfunctions which in turn hinder the body's ability to remain stable.

By accessing the benefits of mobility work your overall performance will increase thus increasing your body's speed, power and strength. Aiding and correcting poor performance is crucial for creating an optimal body both mentally and physically. When we reduce the tension and stress put onto our muscle we create improved athletic potential and mental clarity. The mind muscle connection is crucial when restoring function.


Restricted mobility has many causes whether you're suffering the effects of a sedentary life, have a previous injury that contracted your muscles or are experiencing inflammation/ pain. Muscle Lab has targeted this Wellness plan for you specifically to provide relief.  

Sedentary life

A sedentary lifestyle is when someone has a higher level of inactivity through their days, this involves numerous hours of sitting, lying down and little to no exercise. There are consequences to a sedentary life that include cardiovascular complications, obesity, anxiety and muscle aches associated with reduced range of motion.

If you've ever spent long hours sitting at a desk for work you may often feel soreness or tightness in your muscles from the low activity levels. This tightening of your muscles causes shortening of the muscle fibers which aids in the creation of knots. When sitting for long hours your hip flexors and quads may lock and feel stuck in one position. This same reaction happens to all muscles that remain in one position, eventually leading to muscle weakening.

Previous injury

If you've ever suffered from an old sports injury you understand complications remain even after you've healed. Additional therapies are often needed in order to aid the ligaments and surrounding muscles. Being able to effectively gain back your range of motion and mobility in certain areas is crucial during the healing process.

Alternative issues may involve nerve pain or excess inflammation in your joints. If you are suffering from any of these issues long term you may need additional intervention in order to enjoy life to the fullest again! These wellness plans promote self care!