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Muscle Lab Pasadena


Muscle Lab cares about improving your sleep cycle and that's why we've created a Wellness Plan for anyone who needs a little additional rest.



The mother of all antioxidants! Glutathione injections are composed of various amino acids including Cysteine, glycine and glutamic acid. Amino acids are the building blocks of cells and with this amino boost your body will feel replenished.

The benefits of a glutathione injection include aiding sore muscles by tissue regeneration, building protein to support the body and supplying an immunity boost to your system. Anyone suffering from low immunity induced by sleep complications would greatly benefit from this booster.

This injection is especially beneficial to those experiencing stress, its benefits counteract any stress we may absorb from the environment. A reduction in stress levels will then positively influence our bodies ability to rest at night.


The infrared sauna is one of the most beneficial services in this wellness plan. Infrared saunas utilize infrared light wavelengths to warm and relax your body contrary to traditional saunas that use electric or steam heat.

Infrared light is known for improving oxygen rich blood in your body, this process relieves any deep tissue pain and promotes faster healing! By treating physical pain and muscular complications your body will be able to rest with ease.

Infrared Sauna therapy and red light therapy stimulate your brain to produce melatonin, a naturally occurring sleep hormone. A session of Infrared sauna also aids in reducing sleep inertia, the feeling of grogginess when you wake up in the morning. This can greatly aid athletes in performance and alertness when playing.


Cupping therapy is an ancient holistic treatment to aid sore muscles and promote better circulation within the body. Suction cups are placed on the skin which pull blood to the surface of the muscles, this greatly improves circulation as new blood vessels are stimulated within the area.

Cupping therapy has been known to encourage better sleep patterns as it relaxes the muscular system and purges toxins from the body that may attack the immune system.

Studies have indicated that people who experience chronic sleep disorders greatly benefited from a single cupping session and experienced a reduction in pain intensity as well as a reduction in sleep disturbances.






Physical Disturbance

Physical disturbances can often lead to issues maintaining a healthy REM cycle, These include body aches, pain and inflammation that may cause discomfort when resting. Whether you're training in the gym or an avid hiker we all know how difficult it is to sleep when our bodies ache.

Studies have shown that muscle pain and joint pain often lead to issues resting and maintaining rest through the night. Sleep maintenance insomnia happens when an individual is experiencing pain when attempting to rest. Sleep deprivation during this time often increases someone's ability to feel pain.  


Stress endlessly affects your bodies both mentally and physically. Experiencing higher levels of stress often puts our bodies in a tense heightened state of alertness. From this you may experience anxious thoughts when attempting to rest and an inability to mentally rest.

By experiencing a lack of sleep due to stress you put your body at risk to many health conditions. These include gastrointestinal issues, nervous issues and musculoskeletal issues. Insomnia is often associated with higher levels of stress and roughly 10-30% of adults experience this.

Body Temperature

Resting in an adequate thermal environment greatly affects the quality of sleep you will experience. Your core temperature is directly linked to your ability to sleep through thermoregulation.

Your body temperature is regulated internally, when at a healthy state your core temperature cycles during your nights rest. The alignment of your temperature begins with the cooling phase as your body attempts to rest at night and you are awoken due to the warming of your body in the morning.


Metabolism boost

A major factor in your fitness journey should be regulating your sleep cycles. Gaining an effective amount of sleep each night will aid in maintaining proper glucose metabolism levels.

Metabolism is your body's life source; it regulates organ function, breathing rate, digesting nutrients and repairing damaged cells.

Sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and insomnia greatly impact the functionality of your metabolic rate. In order to stabilize how your body functions, adequate sleep is a necessity

Immunity boost

One of the many benefits of improving your quality of sleep is the immunity boost it provides. Studies have shown that maintaining proper sleep plays a crucial role in how our immune system reacts to potentially threatening conditions. Lack of sleep leaves you vulnerable to experiencing illness; during rest, your immune system expels proteins known as cytokines which aid in promoting sleep. When lacking sleep, your immune system over produces these cytokines and enters a protective physical state. Your body needs rest in order to effectively fight off infections and long term complications such as obesity, heart health issues and diabetes.

Stress relief

Stress is a common factor when it comes to someone experiencing sudden physical complications.

Someone experiencing higher levels of stress may have issues falling asleep and staying asleep due to consistent mental stimulation.  

Creating a stress management plan is crucial for gaining a good night's rest. Increasing blood flow through your body to your brain and gaining the correct vitamins plays a large role.