Physical Therapy in Los Angeles: Muscle Recovery & Treatment Plans
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 Whether you're suffering from chronic illness and pain, need guidance in adopting healthy lifestyle habits, or just want to relax, Muscle Lab can help. Combining a variety of services with the advancements of modern sciences, Muscle Lab offers the most integrative and comprehensive approach to health.


Muscle Lab, Los Angeles is committed to understanding and optimizing your bodies performance levels! Don't let injuries take you out of the game. These recovery plans are targeted towards Strengthening your body, evaluating your range of motion and assessing the most effective treatment options for you! We've created a multitude of recovery plans that individually focus on injuries such as ankle sprains, back aches, hamstring pulls and much more! 


These recovery plans are targeted towards Strengthening your body, evaluating your range of motion and assessing the most effective treatment options for you!




If you've ever been running and lost your balance you know how painful a rolled ankle can be! Don't worry, we’ll catch you when you fall! An ankle sprain is a fairly common injury for us to assess, it's often due to rolling, twisting or overextending the ankle beyond its normal range of motion.

This recovery plan is designed to help stabilize the connection of the tibia and fibula by strengthening the surrounding muscles and ligaments. Treat your symptoms of inflammation and pain with one of our muscle therapists at muscle lab, Pasadena! You'll be strutting the runway again in no time!


Everyday is leg day! As much as we love training legs, sometimes it doesn't go as planned. Hamstring pain is fairly common but definitely uncomfortable. The hamstring is composed of three muscles that allow you to bend your knee when contracted.

Running, jumping and sudden movements are the main culprit of hamstring strains! If you, like most people, do these activities daily you are likely to experience a pull at some point but that's what we're here for!


A runner's nightmare! Shin splints or medial tibial stress syndrome are most common in runners and dancers from overworking the muscle. Like we always say, “train hard, recover harder!”

Suffering from shin splints can leave you dealing with prolonged pain if untreated! This recovery plan was designed to combat the burning and inflammation associated with shin splints as well as prevent further occurrences.


If attempting the splits didn't go as planned and you pulled your groin region this recovery plan is for you. Groin pulls or strains mainly happen while someone is both contracting and lengthening their groin muscles.

We understand how sensitive this area may feel and how painful these injuries typically are! By meeting with one of our stretch therapists you'll be able to explain the depth of your injury and we’ll do the rest to keep you feeling your best!


Injuries like this can often have you feeling weak in the knees! Knee pain is generally due to overuse of the surrounding stabilizing ligaments or sudden injury to the whole knee. If you're suffering from weakness, crunching noises, redness and inflammation you may be suffering from a ruptured ligament or torn cartilage.

The good thing is knee pain often responds well to recovery measures and self care! Our goal is to aid your current injury to reduce discomfort and strengthen the stabilizing ligaments to prevent reoccurring pain.


Golfers and Pitchers are generally most familiar with elbow pain due to the increased activity put on the joint. Your elbows' main purpose is to allow you to throw, swing and lift items; if you feel restricted in any of these movements you may be suffering from pain associated with the cartilage or ligaments surrounding. Taking your recovery seriously is just as important to us as it is to you! This recovery plan is targeted to your individual needs and you'll work one on one with a therapist to strengthen the area and aid any pain!


One of the most mobile joints in your body can also cause the most pain! Your shoulder is a ball and socket joint which connects the upper section of your shoulder to the clavicle. If you one strapped your heavy backpack in highschool or played sports with repeated overhead movements you may be experiencing deep aches, reduced range of motion and complications sleeping associated with shoulder pain.

Our goal is to reduce your pain and ensure you get your range of motion back in its prime! Our strengthening exercises and stretch therapies within this recovery plan are guaranteed to enhance your quality of life.


How low can you go?! Not very low if you're suffering from lower back pain. Suffering from back pain is very common and treatable for people of all ages. Whether you're dealing with the repercussions of a car accident or pulling a muscle lifting something heavy we have a plan for you.

We understand how limiting back pain feels so reducing your pain levels is a priority for us. We offer various treatment methods involving Stretch Therapies, Cupping Therapy and Cryotherapy to tag team your injury and ensure your chances of reinjury dramatically reduce.


Living with discomfort in your wrist may be limiting your day to day activities whether it be lifting weights or folding your laundry. Wrist pain often occurs from a sprain in the surrounding ligaments, this can happen from rapid movements or even overuse of the area.

If you feel your discomfort is interfering with your life this recovery plan is for you. We care about how long you've been in pain and what the pain feels like as our priority is for you to regain your range of motion without complications!



Whole Body Cryotherapy is one of the most effective treatments for recurring pain and inflammation that we offer! Cold therapy has been known to offer relief for sore muscles after intensive training or aid muscular injury by cooling the area directly.  

The use of Whole Body Cryotherapy as a treatment method is widely used by professional athletes and those suffering from injuries. Recovery is a crucial part of life and this treatment both mentally and physically stimulates your body. Through a session of Cryotherapy you'll be exposed to low temperatures of liquid nitrogen; this process aids the muscle fibers directly by bypassing your epidermal layer. This quick acting cooling system is why it's so beneficial for those suffering from recurring pain and inflammation.


If you're looking for a more localized version of Whole Body Cryotherapy that's exactly what this is! Localized Cryotherapy is a targeted cooling treatment often used to aid injuries such as ankle sprains, elbow pain and more! Through this treatment you'll receive the full benefits of cryotherapy directly where your pain is most severe.

Localized cryotherapy reduces to temperatures of -265 degrees and is paired with our Muscle Lab cooling cream to provide an extra layer of relief. Not only will this treatment aid your pain but it severely reduces inflammation often associated with injury.


In contrast to cold therapy, heat therapy is another effective method to treat muscle aches and complications associated with injury. Infrared Sauna therapy utilizes wavelength technology to activate and soothe your muscles while your body generates heat.

Infrared Sauna therapy provides the body with increased circulation in order to promote faster healing times! This circulatory boost aids in the recovery of damaged muscle fibers as well as relieve sore muscles and reduce arthritic pain. Enjoy a 30 minute Infrared Sauna Session as part of your recovery plan and watch your body's tension disappear.


Get Hydrated. Muscle Lab has developed four IV therapy cocktails that are delivered directly into your bloodstream to ensure absorption and in turn provide instant relief and benefits. They include: Hydration IV Vitamin Drip, Recovery IV Vitamin Drip, NAD + Vitamin Drip, and the Vitality IV Vitamin Drip.

IV Therapy is used to recharge fluids and electrolytes but also has a number of other benefits: enhance muscle growth, reduce migraines, increase athletic performance, treat arthritic pain, enhance mood, and speed up your metabolism.


Recover and relax at Muscle Lab with our Normatec Compression Therapy. This service is an important addition to any recovery plan as it directly reduces swelling and inflammation by circulating blood in a targeted area. Whether your arm is sore, you hurt your hamstring or pulled your groin we have attachments for it all! Our Normatec Compression boots also include arm and hip attachments!

These boots utilize air compression technology in order to rid the body of lactic acid build up, as well as circulate the body's fluids associated with edema after injury. The air compression begins by inflating at the feet, moving up to the shins and lastly the quads! This service will directly maximize your health and stimulate your lymphatic system in order to facilitate a quicker recovery time.


Cupping Therapy is an ancient recovery treatment that's been renewed for today's therapy practices! This muscle therapy targets stiff and strained muscles by bringing blood to the surface of the skin and promoting the creation of new healthy blood cells. Your blood is your greatest tool when it comes to recovery; providing your muscles with an adequate blood supply promotes healing of muscle fibers that may have been torn or damaged through injury.

Muscle Lab utilizes suction cupping as it is the safest and most reliable option for our clients. These cups are placed on muscular areas that may be causing you pain or discomfort in order to relieve any tension buildup.


Stretch therapies have proven to be one of our most beneficial treatments when creating any recovery plan. Get a body Stretch with one of our Muscle Lab therapists and directly target any imbalances or soreness you may be feeling. Stretch therapy treatments significantly improve flexibility, physical performance and enhance your range of motion!

A Muscle Lab therapist will take you through traditional passive stretching movements in order to assess which muscle groups need more TLC than others. The benefits of this process are unlimited as you'll notice an overall improvement in posture and mobility. Muscle Lab offers assisted stretching techniques so we can reduce your pain and improve blood flow within your muscles! Enjoy a focused stretch as part of your recovery plan today and avoid any unnecessary suffering!


This deep tissue treatment is the perfect addition to any recovery process. A theragun utilizes percussion therapy in order to relieve any deep rooted tension in your muscle that may have accumulated from an injury. At Muscle Lab a Theragun Massage will help relieve sore muscles, increase your athletic performance, reduce inflammation and stimulate healthy blood flow!

Avoid tight muscles and aches by experiencing the benefits of a theragun massage for yourself. After one session you'll experience your mood boost from a reduction in pain, as well as relax muscle spasms or tightness. Accelerate your recovery at Muscle Lab today!


Muscle Lab’s Cryo Facial is the quickest form of anti-aging in the market. The localized cryotherapy machine sets the perfect and safest temperature designed for the sensitive skin on the face.

The Cryo Facial is known for allowing the skin to build collagen, tightening pores, and reducing the visibility of wrinkles and dark under-eye circles. The results are shown instantly after just 1 session, but it is recommended to continue for optimal anti-aging results. A Cryo Facial is also recommended after an infrared sauna session for benefits of hot and cold therapy.


Muscle Lab offers a revolutionary service called Cryo Slimming. Our Cryo Slimming machine uses hot and cold therapy to reduce and burn unwanted fat cells.

Cryo Slimming can be a helpful tool used to reduce inches while also exercising and eating healthy. Measurements will be taken before and after each session and results will be visible immediately. The great part about our cryo slimming machine is that it’s non-invasive, pain-free and doesn’t require surgery. Following the before and after care directions of our therapists will guarantee incredible results!

Treatments are done by applying sub zero temperatures to the fat layers through the skin to break down the unwanted fat cells. This allows your Muscle Lab therapist to contour and sculpt your body. The destroyed fat cells will then pass through your body's natural systems.

We recommend completing at least 5 cryo slimming sessions, but for optimal and more permanent results we recommend 10 sessions. The sessions should take place every 2 weeks per area to allow the body’s lymphatic system to recover. Lymphatic drainage services, such as compression therapy and infrared sauna sessions, are recommended in between cryo slimming sessions. Look and feel your best.


Cryo Toning is a new non-invasive method of treating cellulite, promoting fat removal, skin tightening, anti-aging and muscle relaxing. Muscle Lab’s Cryo Toning machine targets visible cellulite and stretch marks, and tightens loose skin. The machine also enhances skin elasticity, which is key to young and healthy looking skin.

Cryo Toning uses cold temperature to reduce inflammation, increase collagen production and blood flow, and destroy fat cells. The treatments help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen and elastin production while tightening the muscles. The treatment will also help improve your microcirculation and speed up your metabolism, which results in higher collagen production.

We recommend at least 5 cryo toning sessions, but for optimal results we suggest 10 sessions. We suggest booking Cryo Toning sessions once a week per area, in order to allow time for your body to naturally flush out the dead fat cells and toxins.

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