Elbow Pain Treatment & Recovery Plan
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Are you suffering from Elbow Pain?
Check out Muscle Labs Recovery page and learn more about your injury, our treatment methods and preventative measures to take for next time around.




Muscle Lab offers a treatment assessment to begin your recovery plan in order to collect information on the type of elbow pain you're experiencing, how long you've been in pain and the injury you may have experienced. Muscle Lab professionals will collect this information to better assess how to help you on what your pain relief or care may consist of. Elbow pain is versatile so the more information you have on the injury the better!



Localized treatments are an amazing way to treat Elbow pain, this allows us to directly target the affected area and ensure relief. We recommend cold therapy such as the Localized Cryotherapy that utilizes liquid nitrogen to rela inflammation and cool radial nerve pain. This treatment is especially helpful for anyone suffering from inflammation in the Elbow joint. We recommend local cryotherapy packaged options to ensure you receive effective treatment over time and avoid recurring injuries



Muscle Lab offers Cupping Therapy! This holistic treatment is a great way to aid any inflammation in the muscles surrounding the Elbow Joint. Cupping therapy can be placed on the forearm of the affected area as well as the biceps and triceps. This service helps reduce tension buildup by pulling blood to the surface of the muscles. Results are quickly seen with this therapy as it reduces the inflammation commonly associated with your injury.



An injured muscle at rest becomes stiff! Avoid further complications with your elbow pain by utilizing our stretch therapy and adding Scraping to your services. Stretch therapy is guided by one of our Muscle Lab professionals, through this they will guide your body in order to determine underlying issues. Scraping is a wonderful addition as it helps break down scar tissue built up from previous injuries! There's no need to live in pain when we have created recovery plans for you.



Bones of the Elbow

The elbow, Olecranon or funny bone are one in the same. Your elbow is a complex hinge joint consisting of three bones and various ligaments, in order to better understand the causes of elbow pain its best to understand the elbows physiology. The elbow is comprised of the humerus as well as the radius and ulna which make up the forearm. Between these bones cartilage acts as a cushioning to reduce the wear and tear on the bones.

Ligaments and Tendons

Various ligaments attach to the elbow joint in order to stabilize their connection points. These ligaments consist of the medial collateral ligament located medial to the body, the lateral collateral ligament which faces outward of the body and the annular ligament which hold the head of the radius to the ulna. The Tendons in this region create connection between muscle and bones, the most important tendons are the bicep tendon and the tricep tendons.


The muscles often associated with elbow pain are the bicep brachii that enables flexion in the upper arm, Tricep brachii that allows extension in the arm and placed the elbow in a fixed position during movement and lastly, the Brachialis that allows flexion towards the body.


Elbow pain can be associated with many things whether it be a sports injury or wear and tear injury, both are fairly common as you utilize this joint frequently through the day.

Many types of conditions are often the culprit of elbow pain. Rheumatoid arthritis is most common as it causes inflammation in your joints through a reduction in your immune system. Osteoarthritis is caused when your elbows cartilage breaks down over time causing pain

Sports injuries or overuse injuries are often associated with strains or sprains due to the overuse of flexion and extension in the arm. Athletes such as tennis players, football players and baseball pitchers utilize their arms and elbows more frequently than the average person.

Tendonitis is fairly common among this group, this is caused by inflammation of the tendons from repetitive movement. the two main categories of tendentious are golfer's elbow and tennis elbow, golfer's elbow is associated to inflammation of the flexor tendon from within your elbow while tennis elbow is associated to inflammation of the extensor tendon.

Nerve pain may also be felt around or near this joint. Ulnar Neuritis is inflammation of the ulnar nerve, this is commonly seen in baseball pitchers or quarterbacks due to the increased overhead throwing. In more serious cases Pitchers may suffer from Valgus Extension Overload which is a reduction in cartilage between the bones due to overactivity.


The symptoms of elbow pain generally depend on the severity of the injury, severe pain associated with the elbow joint are indications of a deeper issue or injury. Many mild to moderate symptoms include but are not limited to

  • aching when at rest
  • difficulty or pain when forming a fist (associated with golfer's elbow)
  • difficulty or pain when opening fingers (associated with tennis elbow)
  • swelling or soreness or the elbow
  • reduction in overall strength of arm muscles or grip strength
  • reduced range of motion
  • radiating joint pain associated with the radial nerve