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Muscle Lab Pasadena


Muscle Lab cares about your mental health just as much as your physical health and that's why we've created Wellness Plans for anyone who needs a little additional brain power on their side!


This Wellness Plan is targeted towards anyone who may be feeling stressed or fatigued from the day to day chaos of life. We have designed this plan as a mental recharge in hopes of alleviating your symptoms of stress, anxiety or depression.



Here at Muscle Lab, Pasadena we offer B12 injections administered by certified nurses to ensure effective brain power! B12 injections are also commonly known as Cobalamin, this essential vitamin is needed by our bodies to ensure optimal performance. However, we are unable to naturally produce this vitamin and must source it from oral intake or injection.

B12 has many health benefits and aids in preventing the loss of brain function. This essential vitamin is a main step in maintaining memory function as it prevents brain atrophy and the loss of neurons.

A main benefit of this injection is the energy boost it provides by synthesizing and metabolizing the production of serotonin. Studies have shown that people who suffer from anxiety and depression are also linked to a B12 deficiency. Supplementing your body with this essential vitamin is key to combating the effects of depression.


Infrared Sauna Therapy is a well known and effective method of stimulating brain function. The infrared light used in Muscle Labs saunas aid in lowering cortisol levels within your body. Cortisol is a chemical produced under the effects of stress resulting in physical tension.

During an Infrared Sauna session, your brain will begin to stimulate the production of dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine, also known as our bodies natural antidepressants. Infrared light has been proven to increase blood flow to the brain which aids in improving mental clarity, focus and motor skills.


Cryotherapy!! This service is a necessity when it comes to brain power. One session of Cryotherapy at Muscle Lab provides you with an endorphin boost like no other. Similarly to Infrared Sauna, this treatment aids in the production and release of happy hormones. When paired together you'll notice a significant reduction in stress hormones associated with anxiety and depression.

Post Cryotherapy treatment you'll experience what we call the “Angelic effect” where your mental state is stimulated. This state improves mood functions, relaxes your body and mind and stimulates euphoria throughout the day.



Cold therapy is often an effective treatment for reducing chronic migraines in individuals of all ages by cooling the blood that passes through your veins.

Any shooting nerve pain you may feel during a migraine episode will also reduce through the destimulation of the nerves!








Living a busy and productive life can often leave us feeling stressed out and tired. Stress is often associated with feelings of physical or emotional tension. This tension is built up over time and stored throughout our bodies, mainly within our muscle fibers. Anyone who is dealing with high stress levels is often left feeling physical pains and emotional exhaustion.

Some causes of stress are often surrounded by worklife. All work and no play leads to a stressful day; in order to alleviate your stress we recommend you enjoy some relaxation time for yourself. Common repercussions of built up stress include emotional, physical and cognitive symptoms. Emotional symptoms may include feeling overwhelmed, avoiding others, having difficulty relaxing and feeling overwhelmed. Physical symptoms include reduced energy, tension headaches, body aches and pain, clenched jaw and reduced immunity. Lastly, cognitive functions are affected and you may be experiencing poor judgement, inability to focus and forgetfulness.


If your stress becomes overwhelming you may be experiencing Anxiety as a result. Anxiety is a reaction caused by stress, it excessively stimulates your body that there may be a potential threat even if there isn't any immediate danger. Many people suffer from anxiety on a day to day basis and may need some outside intervention to cope with the symptoms.

This wellness plan aids in servicing those who suffer from overwhelming thoughts and feelings, We want to provide you with positive mental stimulation to combat the negative. If you suffer from anxiety you may experience symptoms such as tensed muscles, uneasy feelings, issues sleeping, heart palpitations or inability to concentrate.


Lastly, Depression is a serious condition many people suffer from everyday. Our goal is to provide you with some mental relief through positive experiences.Once clinical intervention has been assessed, Muscle Lab wants to help you minimize the symptoms you may be experiencing.

Depression often leads to whole body complications, our role at Muscle Lab is to aid your body through this time. Some symptoms of depression include Emotional symptoms such as feelings of withdrawal, anxiety, disconnect and agitation. You may also experience physical symptoms such as low activity rate, restlessness, low appetite and tension buildup

No two experiences are alike, our goal is to aid your experience personally.



One of the main benefits of Brain stimulation is improving your memory! If you suffer from any of the above items you may be experiencing memory loss or a reduction of cognitive function. This wellness plan targets cognitive function directly in hopes of improving any memory loss symptoms you may experience.


Brain fog!! Brain Fog is often associated with an increase in stress. We want to offer you a day of relaxation in order to promote clarity. Aiding your body's circulation is important, especially promoting blood flow to the brain. Stress and sedentary lifestyles restrict healthy oxygenated blood to the brain but we plan on fixing that!


Motor skills

Good motor skills are essential for anyone! Athletes will especially benefit from this due to the importance of the mind muscle connection. Train your mind to react with quicker efficiency by treating your body well.


Temperature based treatments have always shown to improve issues with inflammation in the brain and gut! Whether the treatment improves blood circulation or aids in muscle recovery you'll be sure to notice a positive impact.