Handheld Massager Gun: Full Body & Back Massager for Sports
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Handheld Massager Gun: Full Body & Back Massager for Sports

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Handheld Massager Gun: Full Body & Back Massager for Sports

Massage Gun by Muscle Lab

Muscle Labs Massage gun optimizes your recovery by utilizing percussive therapy to relax tight and sore muscles. This tool is a staple point for any athlete through their training as well as anyone who needs extra TLC for their muscles.

Why Massage Guns Benefit Your Muscles

The benefits of a massage gun are unmatched, this model utilizes three crucial combinations of torque, frequency and amplitude to combat any delayed onset muscle soreness you may be experiencing. With various head attachments you can pinpoint problematic aching muscles and chronic pain.

Massage guns enhance the recovery process by creating soft tissue manipulation with various force. These Massagers are designed to relieve:

Muscular pain:

The main benefit of percussion therapy is its ability to reduce pain and how our bodies perceive pain by tricking your nervous system and blocking negative stimulus. This is severely beneficial to anyone who experiences pain and is seeking relief. Muscle Lab has designed this massage gun to have easy use and longevity to guarantee relaxation.

Stress Relief:

Reducing stress is a main priority when it comes to reducing tension buildup. By using your Muscle Gun you'll stimulate warmth within your muscle fibers and increase the blood flow within that area. This deep tissue massage is beneficial for anyone experiencing muscle tension from back pain, sciatica or tight spots.

Lactic Acid Release:

During intense exercise, lactic acid begins to build within our muscles causing the sensation of stiffness and tightness. The massage gun combats this feeling by aiding your circulatory system and flushing out any build up.

Enhance Range Of Motion:

Utilizing a Massage gun before and after your workouts helps promote proper mobility! Add this into your mobility routine along with foam rolling and stretching to activate your muscles and enjoy the results. This pre-activation of the muscle fibers helps aid in promoting muscular depth during your workouts as well as recover them after.

Are Massage Guns Worth it for Athletes?

Professional Athletes everywhere utilize massage guns during their recovery! This device enhances performance and provides instant relief. Whether you're using it as a back massager or targeting specific areas this gun is guaranteed to enhance how your body feels.

We utilize the Massage gun on our own clients as part of their recovery plans! Many of our athletes have claimed the massagers are able to target those hard to reach spots and provide pain relief to another level! This will become a crucial part of your recovery routine with its portal slitty and long battery life. Throw it in your gym bag and enjoy the built in speeds it has to offer.

Can I use My Massage Gun daily?

Absolutely!! This massager is known for its convenience and durability. Using your Muscle Lab massage gun before and after workouts will yield the best results. Building it in to your routine is most beneficial, this power drill offers a nice touch to enhance your natural mobility!

Anyone with active injuries such as a sprains, strained and inflammation should be cautious when using percussion therapy. Avoid aggravating the area by massaging away from it until fully healed.

Clients TRUST Muscle Lab.

The Muscle Lab Recovery Cream is exactly what I needed to destress after a long day. Smells and feels great!

When I can't make it in to Muscle Lab, their recovery products are my savior!

Gave me wife a deep tissue massage with the Muscle Lab Massage Oil and now she keeps asking for it everyday!