Thinking About Getting IV Therapy? Read This First
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Thinking About Getting IV Therapy? Read This First

Thinking About Getting IV Therapy? Read This First - Muscle Lab

IV therapy is more popular than ever before — and if you don’t know anyone who’s personally had it, you’ve probably read about IV vitamin drips on the internet, or watched a YouTube video about IV therapy. 

By the time people are done getting an IV drip, they usually just rave about the benefits. More energy! Smoother, more radiant skin! No more hangovers! Instant jet lag recovery! 

That’s all great, but it doesn’t tell you what the experience is really like. Are you interested in trying an IV vitamin drip for yourself? Don’t walk into the treatment blindly. Prepare yourself, first. Here’s what you really need to know before you make an appointment. 

An IV Therapy Drip Is the Fastest Way to Get Vitamins

man in black shirt sitting receiving IV therapy

Why choose an IV drip when you could just take multivitamin tablets? The whole premise behind the IV therapy craze is that an IV allows you to get the nutrients and hydration you need immediately, and that 100 percent of the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids you’re given also actually make it to your cells. The same can’t be said for oral supplements, which lose potency as you digest them, and the effects of which take longer to kick in.

Sometimes, like when you have a hangover, you simply can’t wait. Other times, you don’t want to have to wait. IV therapy is for those times.

Not All IV Therapy Drips Are the Same

If you’ve heard that “IV therapy can help you with [insert awesome benefit here]”, you do have to know that not all drips are the same. That means that not all drips offer the same benefits, either. 

While most IV lounges offer a very similar selection of drips, some allow you to customize your IV drip and others specialize in treating particular issues. 

Iv therapy bags hanging on pole

Most IV therapy centers will have drips that:

  • Boost your general health and wellbeing by infusing a range of essential minerals and vitamins — including, in most cases, the classic Myers cocktail.
  • Increase your energy. 
  • Are designed to treat hangovers. 
  • Help you detox. 
  • Strengthen a weakened immune system.
  • Give you an instant hydration boost.

Some wellness centers additionally offer more specialized IV drips. The best of these is the NAD+ IV drip, which helps to reverse the aging process itself — thereby improving your energy levels, increasing your brain power, and making you look awesome. IV drips that will help your sore muscles recover after a vigorous workout or IV drips that take your libido to the next level are also available in some places. 

With so many options, it can be hard to decide what kind of drip to choose. If you simply aren’t sure, though, that is OK. Your IV lounge can help you pick the drip that best meets your unique needs. 

IV Drips Are Designed to Be Safe for Most People

Can’t you overdose on some vitamins? Yes, you can — but IV therapy centers design their IV drips so that they are completely safe for generally healthy people. Using mainly water soluble vitamins is one way to achieve this. If you get more than you need, your body will simply expel the excess, with no risk to your health. 

IV therapy is administered by trained medical professionals, usually registered nurses. Before you get your IV, your consultant will ask you a series of questions. It is important to answer them completely and honestly, to the best of your ability. If you suffer from a chronic medical condition, take prescription medications, use oral dietary supplements, or have any allergies, the nurse needs to know. 

IV therapy was originally designed to help manage chronic medical conditions like asthma and fibromyalgia. If you do have a diagnosis, and especially one that causes chronic pain, IV therapy is likely to still be safe and beneficial for you. You do need to ask your doctor about it first, though.

IV Therapy Is Painless and Relaxing

woman in grey jacket receiving IV therapy

Have you ever had blood work done? IV therapy is a little like that — the IV is placed quickly and expertly, and you’ll hardly feel it. After that, a tube is inserted to deliver your vitamin drip. This is attached to a bag of saline, to which your vitamins, minerals, and other compounds are added. 

If you’re a little scared of needles, it helps to know that that part is over very quickly. After your IV is placed, gravity does the rest of the work. Partly because modern IV lounges are so gorgeous, most people report that getting an IV drip is actually very relaxing. You just have to sit in a comfortable recliner and wait for the infusion to finish. In the meantime, you can read a book or watch a movie.

It Helps to Prepare for Your IV Therapy

Wear comfortable clothes that give the nurse easy access to your arms. Drink plenty of water if you can, because that will make inserting the IV even easier. Eat a light snack before you head to your IV therapy appointment. Unless you’re planning to meditate, bring some entertainment. 

You don’t absolutely need to prepare for your IV therapy session, but it will make your experience better. 

After your IV drip is finished, you can immediately continue with your normal daily activities — maybe while already enjoying the benefits of increased energy.

You Can Bring a Friend — Or Even a Whole Group

If you prefer the idea of trying IV therapy with a friend, or you’ve just spent a night drinking with all your coworkers, it’s good to know that most IV lounges allow for group bookings. Some even have mobile units, meaning they can come straight to your home, hotel room, or other location. 

Not only can having an IV vitamin drip together with a friend give you something to do while the drip is going, having a vitamin drip together is also great if you’ve been working on improving your health together.