Suffering from Back Pain? Give Infrared Sauna a Try!
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Suffering from Back Pain? Give Infrared Sauna a Try!

Suffering from Back Pain? Give Infrared Sauna a Try!

Whether chronic or temporary, and whether mild or severe, back pain is an extremely common ailment. From elderly adults to young teens, back pain affects people of all ages and can occur for a variety of reasons. It can also impact any part of the back, including the lower, middle, and upper back, the center or the sides, or it can span the entire length of the spine. Some of the most common causes of back pain include pulled muscles, heavy lifting, strenuous exercise, overuse, slipped or herniated discs, torn ligaments, and even medical conditions, such as arthritis and fibromyalgia. 

Whatever your particular situation may be, if you suffer from back pain, there’s no doubt that you’re looking for a way to ease your discomfort and get your life back. Sure, you could reach for over-the-counter or seek prescription pain pills, but pharmaceutical drugs only mask the pain; not to mention the fact that they can cause a whole host of other health issues (liver damage and addiction, for example). You could also apply ice packs or heating pads to the affected site as a natural approach, but often, these methods yield minimal results. 

There is another natural way that you may be able to treat your back pain. How? – Heat therapy via an infrared sauna! It’s a natural and effective alternative that has proven to provide wonderful results for back pain sufferers. If your interests are piqued, keep on reading to learn more, including what it entails, how it can help your back pain, and other benefits of infrared sauna. 

What is an infrared sauna? 

Saunas have been used for centuries as a way to promote natural healing and wellness. The Finnish are credited with creating the first rudimentary saunas, which entailed hillside trenches that they dug out and outfitted with fireplaces that held hot stones in order to maintain their warmth and protect themselves from the severe winter weather. The Native Americans also adapted their own versions of saunas via their sweat lodges, and Romans developed their own renditions, too. In other words, heat therapy by way of saunas has been practiced by cultures around the world for thousands of years. 

Fast forwards to the 21st century and sauna therapy is just as popular as ever. While the basic principal remains the same as ever – sitting in a secluded space and surrounding yourself with heat – the technology that is used to deliver the heat has advanced; namely, infrared technology. 

An infrared sauna uses infrared light waves to heat the body. Infrared light waves are the short waves of light that the sun naturally emits, and it’s those waves that create the warmth that the sun provides. So, how do infrared saunas emit these wavelengths? Well, unlike traditional saunas, which feature heating elements that are powered by gas, electric, or wood, that are topped with stones and water is poured on top to warm the air inside the room, and eventually, your body, an infrared sauna is outfitted with ceramic and/or carbon panels. These panels generate those short infrared wavelengths, which are easily absorbed by materials that contain water – like your skin – rather than the heating the air around you, which then warms your body. 

Because they use infrared wavelengths, infrared saunas run at a lower temperature (about 150 degrees F, on average) than traditional saunas (which can reach up to 200 degrees F), they’re more comfortable and easier to tolerate. However, the lower temperature doesn’t impact the effectiveness that infrared saunas provide. In fact, because the heat is absorbed by the skin, a lot of people claim that they’re even more effective than traditional saunas. 

Infrared Sauna for Back Pain 

So, how does an infrared sauna benefit back pain? Well, it’s because the heat penetrates through your skin deep into the muscles and tissues. Because back pain is often caused by tight and/or strained muscles, or is the result of toxins that get trapped within the tissues, an infrared sauna can effectively sooth sore, achy muscles. Furthermore, the infrared waves open up the blood vessels and deliver oxygen and vital nutrients deep into the muscles and ligaments, which, combined with the warming effective of the infrared rays, can help to reduce stiffness in the muscles and ligaments, reducing pain and increasing flexibility. 

The increased rate of blood circulation also has an impact on pain. It triggers your body’s natural response to pain, kicking it into high gear, which not only helps to ease pain and discomfort, but also speeds up the healing process. For these reasons, if your back pain is the result of an injury or surgery, an infrared sauna can provide the relief that you seek. 

Clinical studies have proven that heat therapy via an infrared sauna can help to ease lower back pain. The effect of infrared heat on the muscles is very similar to the effect of a muscle relaxer. It encourages the muscles to relax and disrupts the pain cycle. In other words, an infrared sauna can provide effects that are likened to over-the-counter or prescription muscle relaxers without the harmful effects that are often associated with these pharmaceutical products. 

What’s more, infrared sauna benefits aren’t limited to the 15 to 30 minutes that you spend relaxing in the sauna; the benefits continue long after you exit the sauna. The heat therapy that an infrared sauna delivers has been proven to be highly beneficial in the treatment of back pain that is sparked by a variety of factors, such as sports injuries, post-workout recovery, and surgical recovery. Studies also indicate that infrared sauna therapy boosts the health of the brain and supports cognitive function, improves skin health, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, can reduce acne and other skin conditions, can even help you enjoy much deeper, more restorative sleep. 

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If you’re suffering from back pain, no matter the severity or the cause, get in touch with us today to schedule a session in our infrared sauna. You’ll be amazed by the incredible impact that infrared sauna therapy can have on your back pain.