Muscle Lab & SONO Wipes Agree to New Multiyear Disinfectant Partnershi
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Muscle Lab & SONO Wipes Agree to New Multiyear Disinfectant Partnership

Muscle Lab & SONO Wipes Agree to New Multiyear Disinfectant Partnership

On July 19, 2021 Muscle Lab and SONO Wipes agree to extend their partnership to make SONO Disinfecting Wipes their facility's official cleaning and disinfecting product partner. Comments from Founders of Muscle Lab Andy Treys and Vatche Ourishian, and CEO and President of SONO Wipes Arman Semerjian.

Los Angeles, CA July 19, 2021 --( Muscle Lab, a leader in muscle recovery, and SONO Disinfecting Wipes, the trusted choice for disinfectant wipes by hospitals and medical professionals, have officially announced to extend their partnership to make SONO Disinfecting Wipes their facility's official cleaning and disinfecting product partner. The extension of the partnership maintains Muscle Lab’s commitment to provide a safe and clean environment for recovery and wellness. The terms of the deal include a monthly sponsored allocation of travel size hand sanitizing wipes and disinfecting wipes, available at no cost for Muscle Lab’s clients. This partnership comes at a very crucial time with COVID-19 cases on the rise in Los Angeles, just weeks after the city started reopening.

Sonos disinfection wipes

Muscle Lab ironically had its grand opening during May of last year, when similar businesses were forced to close their doors for good. From the looks of it, Muscle Lab was destined to fail due to the uncertainty of the pandemic. However, with the addition of IV Therapy last August, and the ongoing partnership with SONO, clients have trusted the company to provide the necessary services to boost their immune system in a clean and disinfected environment. “With the delta variant rising in the city, it looks like we might be headed for another lockdown,” Muscle Lab Co-Founder Andy Treys said. “Our partnership with SONO Disinfecting Wipes is a crucial step into stopping the spread of the new variant and avoiding yet another lockdown. Our clients trust us to help keep their immune system strong during these unprecedented times.”

On the other side, SONO Healthcare, the parent company of SONO Disinfecting Wipes, saw its best year during the pandemic in terms of revenue since opening for business in 2013. SONO Healthcare CEO, Arman Semerjian said, "Companies like SONO invested heavily during 2020 to increase production capabilities and secure the necessary materials for making our products. The shortages of supplies during the pandemic has shown that most companies are not prepared for virus breakouts like the SARS-CoV-2 virus of 2020. Today, we see a huge decline in demand which means that people and businesses are going back to their pre-pandemic habits of not protecting themselves and their establishments. It's encouraging to see companies like Muscle Lab taking the necessary steps to protect their customers and employees."

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In addition to the disinfecting partnership, Muscle Lab and SONO Wipes are in talks to develop a revolutionary solution for disinfectant wipes made specifically for the fitness niche. Vatche Ourishian, Muscle Lab’s other Co-Founder and Head of Performance added, “SONO's products are one of a kind as they focus on compatibility against medical devices and everyday surfaces in addition to the industry leading number of pathogens they kill. We’re excited about building a product with SONO that we know our target demographic would love and trust, people are tired of all the new disinfecting companies popping up, the trust factor isn’t there. We don’t know what we’re wiping our hands and surfaces with anymore. The expensive equipment we use mimic those found in healthcare settings and making sure that the products we use are compatible with the materials is important to guarantee the safety of our patients and staff members.”

Muscle Lab is a muscle recovery and social wellness lounge specializing in Cryotherapy, Infrared Sauna, IV Therapy, Stretch Therapy, and more. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Muscle Lab opened its first location in Pasadena, CA in May 2020. For more information and to stay up to date, visit their website Muscle Lab and follow their Instagram for updates.

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