Is NAD IV Therapy Really Worth The Price?
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Is NAD IV Therapy Really Worth The Price?

Is NAD IV Therapy Really Worth The Price? - Muscle Lab

Many people first discover IV Therapy centers when they search for hangover cures or for a quick way to boost their energy levels. The NAD IV drip that you might see on the “menu” is undoubtedly among the most expensive IV drips on offer at any IV lounge. If you were only in for a quick hangover drip — one that contains a whole cocktail of healing ingredients — you might have been shocked to see the price that’s charged for an IV drip with just two components. Saline and NAD. That’s it. 

Girl getting NAD IV Therapy

You can expect to be charged anywhere between $700 and $1000 for this IV drip. However, Muscle Lab offers it for only $699.

Is NAD IV Therapy really worth the steep price? You want to say “no”. After you learn what NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) can do for you, though, you might change your mind. 

What Is Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide?

NAD+, also often simply called NAD, is a coenzyme — a compound that functions in conjunction with enzymes — naturally present in every single living cell, or, to be more precise, in multiple parts of every single living cell.

Within all of your cells, NAD+ serves not a single enzyme, but a multitude:

Sirtuins, proteins that regulate the healthy aging process, play a role in the metabolism, and help regulate energy levels.

PARPs, which also play a role in the aging process.

CD38 and CD157 enzymes which, again, have been shown to form a critical piece of the puzzle piece of aging. 

NAD+ keeps us healthy and energetic — but of course, there has to be a catch. NAD levels steadily decline as we get older, and by middle age, we’ll have only half the NAD we once did. That fact, research is beginning to discover, explains many of the age-related symptoms most of us grow to hate with a vengeance. 

Can restoring our previous NAD levels fix that? NAD supplementation isn’t the secret to eternal life, of course, but it can certainly make us feel as if it were. 

What Are the Benefits of NAD IV Therapy?

Research into the potential benefits of NAD supplementation is still in its beginning stages — and some of the advantages of NAD infusions could very well still remain to be discovered. As of now, however, we do know that boosting your NAD levels can have a very impressive set of benefits:

NAD IV Therapy can instantly boost your energy levels, because this coenzyme leads to increased production of a compound called  adenosine triphosphate. 

NAD IV Therapy can make you look younger. Sirtuins are partially responsible for maintaining healthy, radiant, and supple skin, and an NAD IV Therapy will stimulate their production. That means less visible fine lines and wrinkles.

NAD IV Therapy can boost your mental clarity — and specifically, your focus, your mood, and your mental endurance. Because NAD does play a crucial role in preventing age-related ailments, it’s easy to think that this coenzyme can only benefit older adults. That’s not true. Overworked and distracted people of almost any age can enjoy more brain power with an NAD drip. If you have been feeling down, NAD can help with that, too.

NAD IV Therapy can also help you if you suffer from pain, whether that’s chronic or acute pain. This is because it helps to fight inflammation in the body. This makes an NAD IV Therapy perfect for people recovering from injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome or workout-related sore muscles.

Interestingly, NAD has been found to play a key role in the metabolism as well. Decreasing NAD levels may be one reason for which so many people pile on the pounds as they age, even without changing their dietary patterns. An NAD IV Therapy could help you lose weight, or make it easier to maintain a healthy weight. 

Finally, NAD may play a role in addiction recovery, by suppressing the withdrawal symptoms that make it so hard to quit drinking, smoking, gambling, or engaging in other addictive behaviors. 

It is hard to pinpoint any other substance that has as many benefits, and as wide a range of advantages, as NAD+. If you think about it, NAD really ticks all the boxes of things most people dream of, but think they can’t have. 

Guy getting NAD IV Therapy

Is the NAD IV Therapy worth the price? 

A single NAD IV Therapy will boost your NAD+ levels temporarily, allowing you to experience the benefits for yourself. It will not, however, last forever. To continue enjoying the advantages of increased health and slower aging, you will have to keep increasing your NAD levels. 

That is not cheap — but it’s cheaper than many of the other things people do to feel younger. If you are the kind of person who prioritizes health over everything else then yes, the NAD IV drip is worth it, and then some.