How to Maximize Your Whole Body Cryotherapy Session
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How to Maximize Your Whole Body Cryotherapy Session

How to Maximize Your Whole Body Cryotherapy Session

Whole-body cryotherapy has become extremely popular in the world of health, wellness, and fitness, and for good reason, as it offers a wealth of benefits. If you’re thinking about scheduling an appointment at a cryo sauna near me, then there’s no doubt that you’re going to want to make sure that you get the most out of your experience. To ensure you can do just that, here’s a look at some handy tips that you can use to maximize your experience, reduce muscle soreness and increase athletic performance.

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What is Whole body cryotherapy? 

There’s no doubt that cryotherapy is most commonly used to treat pain and inflammation, and for those two ailments, it’s certainly highly effective; however, exposing the body to subzero temperatures offers a wealth of other benefits.

In fact, it’s been proven to be a successful treatment for the immune system, rheumatoid arthritis, skin conditions, like eczema, boils, and even acne, and it can even help to shrink internal cyst and some types of cancerous tumors.

It’s also been touted to offer a laundry list of other physical and mental benefits; it can boost metabolic rate and support weight loss, enhance the mood by alleviating symptoms that are associated with anxiety and depression, and to promote better sleep – among many other benefits. 

In case you’re new to whole body cryotherapy, let’s take a moment to go over the basics. Whole body Cryotherapy is derived from the Greek language: “cryo”, meaning cold, and “therapy” meaning to cure. The application of cold and ice for therapeutic purposes; in fact, it dates back thousands of years.

The ancient Chinese, Egyptians, and Greeks all practiced cryotherapy in some way or another. In fact, references to the use of cold therapy were made in some of the oldest medical documents, and Hippocrates, the Greek physician who is considered the father of modern medicine, believed that cryotherapy could be used to treat virtually everything and strongly advocated its use. 

Cryotherapy Athletes

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Whole body Cryotherapy is for everyone to enjoy! We often have more athletes who utilize the cryotherapy chamber to help alleviate them of any delayed onset muscle soreness, intense exercise induced muscle damage from training, its anti inflammatory effects and pain management. By exposing your muscles to extreme cold and treating muscle soreness you'll notice an increase in athletic performance.

Whole body cryotherapy will help relax any fatigue or muscle pain associated with any moderate intensity training. elite athletes often utilize cryotherapy because their entire body is exposed to negative temperatures, offering them post exercise recovery similar to ice packs.

Enhanced athletic performance is crucial for any athlete to excel in their sport. Sports medicine heavily emphasizes the benefits of cryotherapy treatments and whole body cryostimulation on a frequent basis to ensure your muscles are recovering properly and that you're reducing inflammation

Unlike cold water immersion, extreme cold air exposure from a whole body cryotherapy treatment will reveal a positive influence on combating muscle soreness and fight inflammation. Athletes know the struggle of having to sit in ice baths for over 30 minutes to see any real results.

Sports med recommends cryotherapy treatments for athletes in order to keep them mentally and physically fit. Cold therapy has a positive mental impact as it reduces symptoms of depressive and anxiety disorders.

The Process of whole body cryotherapy is simple:

Your body is exposed to subzero temperatures for a brief period of time. To further elaborate, it involves entering a chamber, known as a cryo sauna, and liquid nitrogen is directed into the sauna to instantly bring the temperature down to temperatures that are well below zero (-200 degrees F in some cases).

Before you enter the sauna, you’ll be asked to undress (you can wear undergarments or a bathing suit, and for men, undergarments are a must to protect those delicate bits and pieces). You’ll also be asked to put on a pair of cloves and booties, which will protect your hands, fingers, feet, and toes from frostbite. Make sure that you’re completely dry, too, as even a drop of moisture will freeze. 

Cryotherapy for muscle soreness

Protective clothing

Once you have the necessary protective clothing such as a robe, socks, gloves and rubber shoes you'll enter the whole body cryotherapy chamber. The door to the cryo sauna doesn’t lock, so if you feel like you want to exit at any time, you can.

As soon as you’re ready, you’ll alert the technician who will be with you throughout the entire session, and they’ll start the process of feeding the liquid nitrogen into the chamber. This process is more effective than cold water immersion, as it only lasts 3 minutes compared to 30.

Cryotherapy session

The session time varies, but on average, it’s around 1 to 3 minutes, but never exceeds 5 minutes. If, for any reason, you feel uncomfortable or cannot tolerate the icy cold temperatures, just let the technician know, open the door, and step out of the sauna. Once your whole body cryotherapy session is complete, you may feel a slight pins and needles sensation, which, most people report goes away after a few minutes. You’ll get dressed and will be free to go about your day.  

How to Make the Most of Your Cryotherapy Session

So, now that you have a basic understanding of how whole body cryotherapy works, let’s take a look at some tips that you can use to make the most of your cryotherapy session. 

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Make sure you’re completely dry 

As mentioned above, making sure that your skin and clothes (if you’re wearing any) are completely dry before you step into the cryotherapy chamber. This is so important that it really does need to be mentioned twice. The spa may provide you with a towel, but just to be on the safe side, bring your own in case they don’t, and wipe your body down before you step into the chamber. 

Book a session after a strenuous activity

Whether it’s a workout, physical therapy, yard work, or a night out on the town, book a whole body cryotherapy session after you’ve had some type of strenuous activity. Doing so will help to promote faster healing, reduce inflammation, minimize muscle soreness, and ease pain. It can even help to give you an energy and mood boost. 

Focus on eating right

Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet is always important, but it’s super important post-cryotherapy. Eating whole foods will help to prevent the buildup of toxins in your body and will promote faster healing and recovery. 

Stay hydrated

Whole body cryotherapy has a detoxification effect. To ensure that the toxins keep moving and are flushed out of your system, make sure that you drink plenty of water pre- and post- session. Schedule an Iv therapy with us to ensure you're hydrated through the day!

Eat before your session

While you don’t want to go on an overly full belly, you also don’t want to go when your stomach is completely empty. Your body is going to need energy in order to aid in moving blood to the core to keep your internal organs protected during your whole body cryotherapy session, and it’s going to need plenty of energy to heat back up post-therapy. Eat a light, healthy, well-balanced meal or snack before you head to a cryo sauna. If you’re fasting, you should wait until your fasting period has ended.

Keep moving

It’s highly recommended that you keep moving while you’re in the cryo sauna. Move your legs in a marching fashion, wiggle your toes, sway back and forth, flick your fingers, flap your hands, shake your arms, etc. These movements will help to keep your blood moving and will prevent your body – especially your extremities – from becoming overly cold. 

Pre or post Cryo session you can stimulate blood flow by booking a stretch therapy with one of our therapists. This will relieve any extra muscle tension you may have as well as 

Schedule a Session for Whole Body Cryotherapy Los Angeles

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If you live in the Los Angeles area and you’re looking for a reliable spa that offers cryotherapy, give us a call today! We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have and will guide you through the entire process.