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Thursday, April 11

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Muscle Recovery

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Wander into Wellness
with IV Therapy Cocktails

Elevate Hydration & replenish essential nutrients.

Augments Cognitive Function via nutrient absorption.

Super-charged recovery post intense workouts.

Boost Immunity & safeguard overall wellness.

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Wellness Shot
with Our Vitamin Shots

Quick & effective nutrient absorption.

Boosts cognitive function & energy levels.

Promotes healthy skin and boosts immunity.

Improves athletic performance and recovery.

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Unlock Your Potential
with NAD+ IV Therapy

Proven to boost energy & metabolism in a natural way.

Increases Brain Health & Cognitive Function.

Improves Cardiovascular Health reducing risk factors.

Strengthens the immune system ensuring it functions optimally.

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Move Freely & Live Fully
with Stretch Therapy

Increases flexibility and range of motion.

Reduces muscle tension and enhances muscle relaxation.

Improves athletic performance.

Prevents injuries and boost muscle recovery.

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Unlock Your Freedom
of Movement with Myofascial Release

Relieves chronic pain and increases mobility.

Reduces inflammation and muscular tension.

Improves blood and lymphatic circulation.

Enhances athletic performance and strength.

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Alleviate Pain and Revitalize
with Cupping Therapy

Relieves back and neck pains, stiff muscles, anxiety, fatigue, migraines, and rheumatism.

Clears stagnation and expels congestion.

Loosens adhesions and knots, lifts connective tissue, and brings hydration and blood flow to body tissues.

Moves deep inflammation to the skin surface for release, and drains excess fluids and toxins by opening lymphatic pathways.

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Relaxation & Recovery
with Theragun Massage

Aids in natural stress relief.

Reduces muscle tension.

Improves blood circulation.

Assists in faster recovery post workout.

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Your Health
with Infrared Sauna

Regular Sauna sessions reduce cardiovascular risk drastically.

Twice a week lowers risk by 27%.

Four or more sessions cut it by half.

Heat exposure improves endurance and repairs proteins. A simple, yet powerful ritual.

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Unleash Inner Wellness
with Whole Body Cryotherapy

Ignites metabolism & aids in weight loss.

Boosts cognitive function & mental well-being.

Enhances blood circulation & health recovery.

Improves the overall immune response.

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Refresh & Rejuvenate
with Cryo Facial

Promotes Collagen production & rejuvenates skin.

Reduces inflammation & puffiness offering soothing relief.

Tightens skin, shrinks pores and reduces wrinkles.

Improves skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

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Fast Track Recovery
with Localized Cryotherapy

Targeted therapy for more focused results.

Pain relief from acute injuries & inflammation.

Promotes rapid recovery & healing post surgery.

Improved joint function & decreased muscle soreness.

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Attain Desired Shape
with CryoSlimming

Targets fat cells to naturally eliminate them.

Efficient weight management without surgery or diet.

Destroys fat cells without damaging surrounding tissues.

Improves skin appearance and reduces cellulite.

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Sculpt Your Ideal Body
with CryoToning

Enhances skin firmness & elasticity.

Reduces cellulite and improves skin appearance.

Promotes collagen & elastin production.

Non-surgical and safe alternative to botox.

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